Yard 29  Mulch and Stone

Decorative Stone, Aggregate,
Asphalt Millings, Mulch, Top Soil, 
Compost, Sand, Plants, Trees, & more.
Come see us for all of your landscaping needs!

Welcome to
Yard 29 
Mulch & Stone
located at 12006 Wards Road, Rustburg, VA

We provide a wide array of products to 

suit our residential homeowners, 

local landscaping companies and 

large contractors'.

Stop by today to see our selection

 of plants, trees, shrubs, top soil, 

compost, straw, beautiful 

decorative stone, crushed aggregate, 

sand & mulch.

Maybe you are looking for the right

Japanese Maple, Forsythia, Snowball 

bush, Dwarf Burning Bush, Nandina, Juniper,

Holly Bush, Azalea, Dogwood, or 

Crape Myrtle or one of our

many other items.

Beautiful Hanging Baskets and 

6 packs of plants or vegetables. 

( seasonal availability )

Providing you with the right product, 

at the right price and at the right time!